Discover why high schools, universities, nonprofit foundations, TRIO programs, religious organizations, educational associations, and Fortune 500 companies have all called upon Scholaroo founder Ben Kaplan to inform, motivate, entertain, and inspire their audiences.  Now bring his powerful message and engaging style to your own special gathering.

Unique to Ben’s speaking style is how he connects with the audience:  Instead of merely talking at the crowd, Ben creates interactive learning experiences that draw in the audience with a wide range of visual, auditory, and physical cues.  Because Ben recognizes that all of us learn using multiple senses, he also includes hands-on exercises, dramatic skits, high-energy dancing, and a unique “call and response” format to help audience members internalize, not memorize, important points.  Ben’s background in theatrical comedy makes even “boring” topics fun.

Combining life-changing content with the energy of a sports event, Ben’s high-octane presentation will have attendees up out of their seats, shouting things out, and having a great time making an exciting future happen.